Bad To The Wang

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Bad To The Boner

The good Tiggle Bitties has been replaced by the unmerciful Tiggle. Bad and big titty, and swinging an ass-whacking paddle, cold-blooded Tiggle likes to wear long, swarthy, knee-high boots and naughty leather harnesses. Cold-blooded Tiggle loves to castigate men, sneak up behind ’em and give ’em wedgies, and drive ’em insane along with her bouncing juggs. That babe is brought a filthy toy which goes into her love tunnel and booty-hole at the same time. Who can ultimately win out? The astonishing Tiggle or the bad Tiggle?

SCORELAND: Therefore, Tiggle, have you ever thought of making a plaster cast of your bust?

Tiggle: Yep! I indeed would like to manufacture a Tig boob pillow for all my fans.

SCORELAND: If you hadn’t determined to become a livecam model which led to magazine modeling, what do you suppose you’d be doing now?

Tiggle: I would probably be trying to my partner to make such additional the cash while I attempted to start my own business. I loathe working for other of us.

SCORELAND: Let us play dumb or not dumb questions which folks have asked you. The 1st question. Are they real? Dumb or not dumb?

Tiggle: Dumb!

SCORELAND: Do they hurt your back? Dumb or not dumb?

Tiggle: This one sounds like common sense.

SCORELAND: Can u watch your toes coz your chest are thus big? Dumb or not dumb?

Tiggle: I will watch my toes! Not dumb, just stupid!

SCORELAND: May u suffocate somebody with your juggs? Dumb or not dumb?

Tiggle: Yeah, I am positive I may, if I were therefore inclined. Not dumb.

SCORELAND: Is it difficult to run? Dumb or not dumb?

Tiggle: Impossible to run. Not dumb!

Bad To The Boner

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Showering Bra-buster

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Showering Bra-buster

It helps to have big hands once Daylene Rio is inside the abode. Not simply for her heavy, gorgeous jugs except for that biggest Latin chick bubble arse likewise. Junk inside the trunk and extra inside the top shelf.

“I like to be in control so much of the time,” Daylene says. “I guess that is why I’d like a man to tell me what to do and take away that control. Be precious but don’t be too great to me. Be a gentleman but point me inside the direction you acquire to go. I might be resistant at First but I’ll stop fighting one time a short time and bend to your will.”

Daylene prides herself on wanting hot when this babe goes out. But, and a massive arse at which, she abhors pants.

“I don’t wear pants. I do not like wearing ’em during the day, I do not like sleeping in ’em. I don’t like anything going up my wazoo. I love being naked.”

Showering Bra-buster

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Rub Rub Rub

Rub Rub Rub

Voluptuous and fascinating Juliana Simms picks a massage table to play on, squirting her statuesque body with white sex cream and giving herself a rubdown. That babe sways and jiggles her naturals when that babe is on the table. A half-hour of solely which act wouldn’t be sufficiently. It is at no time enough with somebody like Juliana Simms.

SCORELAND: Juliana, do u have to dance? We assume you do.

Juliana: Yes, extremely much. I exceedingly love most of all to go out with my gfs to our beloved clubs and dance. I love R&B music.

SCORELAND: Do you dance after u are playing music at home?

Juliana: Yes. I always dance when playing music.

SCORELAND: Are u called by more nick-names by buddies?

Juliana: They call me “Juliana Juggs.”

SCORELAND: Do you go to bare beaches or adult resorts?

Juliana: In Spain solely.

SCORELAND: What kind of swimsuits do you wear?

Juliana: I prefer bikinis.

SCORELAND: Your massage table episode rubs a guy the right way.

Juliana: My enjoyment.

Rub Rub Rub

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Pink Fox

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Pink Fox

It is always a enjoyment to watch Dolly Fox one more time. Dolly recently told us that this babe is a giant fan of the spaghetti westerns of the ’60s and ’70s such as the Sergio Leone/Clint Eastwood films. This is the primary time a SCORE covergirl has ever told which. Dolly even took a new travel to Mini-Hollywood in Tabernas, Spain, one of the semi-desert video locations where many westerns were filmed and is currently a tourist attraction. Dolly would make a sexy western-style saloon lady.

Speaking of hooter-holsters…

SCORELAND: Dolly, what do u try to find in a bra? Comfort? Ease of purchase?

Dolly: The only thing I try to find in a bra is to notice my size, all the rest I look once. It is indeed hard to notice my size and if I look at the smack, then I does like smth I check but then they do not have my size! I must look all over to find those or buy online. But mostly I don’t even wear a bra. During this pictorial and the episode, I wear a matching bra, garter and panty set.

Dolly’s sent footage of herself in magazine stores holding up an thing of SCORE. We always look forward to seeing ’em.

Pink Fox

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Gazoo gap With Terry

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Anal With Terry

Terry Nova’s well-padded anal is the target of a guided meat missile. Leave it to big-boobed Terry to supply stress-busting tension release through her well-developed face hole, beaver and ass-pipe exercises. Her techniques are guaranteed to leave any dude drained of his man-juice. They don’t wanna say much, just drop trou and start tit-fucking! Terry just radiates hard-humping sex, a love-doll with massive, fleshy floppers and a fuck-me doll face. You clutch what they say about those quiet hotties with large naturals.

Anal With Terry

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“Spy On Me”

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'Spy On Me'

Tiggle Bitties has caught u spying on her through her blinds. She’s outraged. For regarding two seconds. Then she thinks it’s kinda naughty and that babe loves the plan. Now you can’t spy on her anymore because she’s extended the invitation to let u see her observe her Jedi boob tricks. Your kind of hotty, our kind of cutie.

SCORELAND: Tiggle, have you ever gone brassiere shopping with a boyfriend? Did u let him in the dressing room?

Tiggle: Totally and yes! I guess I really have a couple of pics of it somewhere! But mostly I shop online. I went to Portland and discovered a great shop. When I walked in, the woman looked at me and said, ‘Oh, honey!’ and she only took me around the store and took bras off the shelf.

SCORELAND: We’d say ‘Oh, honey’ too. Do u have extra a matter of joke habits?

Tiggle: Laughable habits…hmmmm…I use greater amount ellipsis after I write…!

SCORELAND: Are u called by yet pet names? We suppose we grip what it’s.

Tiggle: I very like shortening my name to Tig!

SCORELAND: Have you ever noticed that after you are giving a blowjob, if the boy touches your breasts, his boner acquires harder?

Tiggle: Oh, yes! Especially with boob fetishists. It’s awesome coz my wobblers are actually soft, therefore even once I squish ’em along, you get a breathtaking soft experience in the middle. It’s not constricted like a camel toe or an a-hole would be. I am surprised after a boy touching my juggs or putting his boner in there acquires harder. Or if he’s fucking me and sucks my jugs.

'Spy On Me'

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38G Reservoir Busters

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38G Reservoir Busters

“I sent my fotos in to SCORELAND for the opportunity to urge a few of modeling work and inside a number of hours I was throwing stuff in a bag and wanting to catch a plane. I was, like, Oh my god! Made the plane. I thought I was getting to miss that. I got picked up by a great gentleman when I landed and was driven to my hotel. I got a ideal night’s sleep and was driven to SCORE the next morning. Super thrilling.”

That is new Voluptuous Chick Amaya Might, a livecam model (as Giggles_4U) and a dance instructor in her own studio in Illinois. “I prefer to dance, swim and in general do things which are enjoyment and gripping,” says Amaya. “What I would prefer to do is move out of my little city and relocate to a bigger town.”

“I love constricted tops. Everything that emphasizes my jugs. My juggs started to grow when I was 13 and currently I am a 38G. They receive me a lot of attention and which i love it. I buy underwire bras. No padding! I order online or buy them off the rack.” Amaya has no need for padding as you’ll see after that babe whips Them out and smacks ’em around.

38G Reservoir Busters

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Avid For Madison

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Mad For Madison

Lily Madison loves to amendment it up and this time that babe is back with a new look. “I like to costume up,” says Lily, a popular webcammer back home in England. “Lingerie, bikinis…I like to wear costumes and get into character. Which makes me feel hawt.”

“I like a man who makes me laugh, who’s totally different than the rest, anybody who’s pleasant and knows how to treat a cutie. I am not afraid to make the primary move. I’ll hold his hand. Attempt to kiss him. If I like a guy, I’ll let him apprehend it. No sense expecting around.”

“When I’m on holiday I attempt to tan my whole body thus I’ll go off somewhere and hide and receive sun everywhere so I don’t acquire tan-lines…until anybody walks over. Then I’ll cover my zeppelins. I like to go to exposed beaches.”

It’s been awhile since Lily Madison visited SCORELAND and we’re satisfied to possess her back. She’ll be with Hitomi on Might 28th. Be here.

Mad For Madison

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Bras & Underware

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Bras & Lingerie

Angeli was discovered during a model hunt in Europe. She enjoys planning to the beach and sailing on summer mornings. That babe goes to the gym concerning 3 times a week to do aerobics. “Men are always trying to distract me therefore I changed to an all-women’s gym. But you know, it is laughable…I missed the attention and wanting at mates myself thus I went back to my old fitness center.”

Angeli went shopping for bras and came back with a bunch of hooter-holsters for this bra discharge. “I would crave to continue my career as a model,” says Angeli, fiddling along with her bras and underware. “I am very shy but posing helps me become any erotic. I don’t model also much. Just one time I feel like it ‘coz I’ve a employment. Modeling is extra for fun.”

Bras & Lingerie

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Molly Maracas – Molly comes back for any

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Molly comes back for more

“I recently determined to induce into adult modeling, and The SCORE Group saw my ad and sent me an email. And that i was truly lewd,” told Molly Maracas, a leggy 51-year-old golden-haired from London, England who’s back for a second helping of porno fuckstick.

“It’s truly gratifying to apprehend which studs also notice me hot,” Molly said. “Also, this is tons of enjoyment, especially the sex part.”

Back home, Molly is an I.T. manager. She’s divorced. That babe won’t have kids, though we’re going to take editorial license and call her a MAMMA anyway. She feels like one. This babe is a swinger. That babe says that babe is adventurous, and that babe proves it here by engulfing porn schlong and obtaining her glamorous face glazed.

We asked her after that babe got into swinging, and this babe said, “About eight years agone. It’s been a ball! My wildest experience was when I had sex in a public sauna. I’m certain the completely various people sitting there knew what was going on. I mean, I was sitting on my friend’s lap and grinding, and you could not miss the look on our faces.”

It is probably similar to the look on her face here.

Molly comes back for more

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